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Acheive Today



Through daily mind, body and spirit achievements, you will reach your desired fulfillment, bringing you to a place of  accomplishment and self worth within your life.

Moving from Surviving to Reviving!

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At you have a  skilled Life Coach who knows how to guide and inspire in both one-on-one sessions, as well as group settings. Keep reading to learn more about all the services I have to offer.

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Certified Master Coach Practitioner
Reiki/Spiritual Prac
Registered Nurse (RN), BScN, MAL


With over 40+ years of diverse experiences and a passion for coaching, I am committed to helping you reach your desired outcomes and success.


My commitment to you comes from my lifelong desire to be of service to others. The journey I share is both personal and professional. My journey of commitment has been demonstrated through a lifetime of continual learning, diverse experiences, including cross cultural knowledge sharing.

My formal education started as a Registered Nurse (RN) Diploma, enhanced by a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing with Distinction. The focus of my degree was in family/community health, mental health, palliative care and communication. The Distinction was awarded for my research in palliative care, where I demonstrated a deep level of caring for the mind, body, spirit of my clients. To further develop my knowledge with communication, I achieved a Masters in Leadership, where I studied and researched  communication in teams, and conflict within organization.


My nursing journey presented me with many opportunity to learn and grow, but a lifelong desire to teach my love of nursing was achieved, when the need for Aboriginal educated nurses was recognized. I was privilege and honour to assist with the education of Aboriginal nurses in northern Saskatchewan. 

My life long commitment of service to others, has provided me a fulfilled life. The journey was not always easy, as I am ADHD and dyslexic. I am committed to assisting you with your outcomes. I am willing to find a approach that will provide the guidance and support you need, and, at a pace that’s best for you.

Let's get in touch, to learn how my services can help you with your journey of fulfillment.


"Creating achievement, is a daily practice, of building balance within your mind, body, and spirit to create desired outcomes." 

-Ellen Klassen


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Enter your email and receive a FREE Interactive Booklet:
A 3 Step Approach to Balance & Wellness

SURVIVING to Reviving, the mind, body, spirit journey!

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