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"I am a firm believer through daily mind, body, spirit practice,
you can achieve everything you want in your life! 
As you move towards goals, or you are overcoming obstacles, you will face challenges.
The goals you want for yourself or the obstacles you might be encountering, can become overwhelming.
The goals or challenges can leave you feeling defeated, stressed, anxious and perhaps even depressed.
Creating daily achievement is a process of finding balance within your mind, body, and spirit to reach your goals!" 

- Ellen Klassen

I provide the support and guidance you need in order to re-discover yourself, and transform your life through an integrated approach.

The integrated approach includes daily practices of mind, body, spirit integration, and how the integration affects our expected outcomes.


All are welcomed!


Embrace your power, potential and progress!

Feeling stressed, anxious


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Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing. It can be used to offer client's relief from stress, anxiety, trauma and more. Can provide opportunity for spiritual growth.


Individual Coaching:

Supporting men and women in their growth and empowerment journey of mental and wellness health through life transitions.

Group Coaching: Self care, mental & health wellness transitions.

Communication: Dealing with difficult people and situation.

Leadership: Communication, conflict resolution and team building

Grief Coaching: The healing process .


Women’s circles focusing on self-care and inner growth, with other circles focusing on transforming the inner narrative for women in mid-life into one that is powerful, affirming, and acknowledges the beauty that comes with growing older.

Women's Circles


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